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Hello, I'm Jeremy McCracken from Akron, Ohio. Welcome to my wide spot in the information super-highway. No gas, food, or lodging.

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June 23, 2010
My mother Valinda passed away today. The cause was smoking related COPD; she was 54. It's important to know that, when you smoke, that smoke doesn't just disappear without touching anything. It affects you. If you smoke for a long time, it will catch up to you. Always remember that.
June 17
Kelo Day - June 23, 2008
January 23
It's been a long time again... I've signed up for WikiBooks, and am writing a book, Parapsychology. Parapsychology is the study of the unexplainable, including ESP and the paranormal. I'm enjoying getting into this; check the book out and see how I'm doing as a writer.
October 3
Well, the Buchtelite printed the letter- catch it in the October 2 Buchelite. The wording is mangled but it still gets the point across.
October 1
I sent a letter to the editor of the Buchtelite about the plasma center group (see Sept 5), so watch for it!
September 27
I made an info page about the Jena Six. Go check it out.
September 5
I'm looking for help with a cause. There is a group on Facebook that formed with the basic intention of committing libel against the plasma center that I donate at. Some of the group members have made some untrue statements, and when proven wrong, block group members who tried to point out their terrible logic. I've started a counter group, and if you're on Facebook, I could use your help. Click here.
July 14
I'm moving at the end of this month... drop me a line on the contact page if you need my new information.
April 11
It's been a long time again. I'm turning to yet another chapter in my life, though. Amber and I have split, so I'm back on the market. Again. My luck just isn't good in this area. At least it's not bitter, or shouldn't be anyway.
January 8
It's been a long time since I updated this site. My brother Josh just graduated from Kent State with a B.S. of Technology and a B.S. of Aeronautics, so congrats to him.
August 28
Well big update folks- I've moved into a new place, so check the new contact page if you need to reach me. Also, I'm now employed at the UA Distance Learning department, so you might see me if you're taking a distance class there. In line with that new job, you'll see some related help pages coming soon.
June 14
Hey everyone no updates in a long time... just wanted to tell everyone that my girlfriend Amber graduated from her medical school a few days ago with a merit-roll GPA. I'm very proud of her.
March 13
I'm 22 now everyone. Not a lot has changed with that.

I wanted to warn you of a virus circulating. My girlfriend got hit by it. It installs on your computer, disables a lot of your internet security, and sends an instant message to everyone on your buddy list on AOL Instant Messenger (which is how people get it in the first place). It sends a handful of links all saying "Look at my pics" or something similar. The key to this: the links points to an EXE file. NEVER open a link to any file ending in .EXE or .BAT, and if it says .COM like this:

don't open that either. These are DOS/Windows applications and they run on your computer, where they can potentially damage, delete, or add files.

Jan. 24
First, I apologize everyone about the high number of ads. Yes there is a top banner, a side tower, and a popup window. Freeservers no longer allows me to set options for ads so I can't put any fewer or make them all the same type. Yes, I hate it too.
Second, after a little over half a year I'm leaving Wikipedia. They have changed their policy, and it's no longer "wiki". See my Wikipedia page for a more information about that.
Dec. 21
Hello, everybody. I decided my site was getting a little stale, so I've remodeled it. Hope you like it.
Dec. 17
Congrats to my cousin Shannon, she just got married. I wish her the best.

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