About me

Hello, everyone, I'm Jeremy McCracken. I'm currently in my sixth year at the University of Akron, majoring in secondary education in social studies. I graduated from Springfield High School in 2002. During my time there I was in band, holding first chair in each ensemble I participated in. I was also in audio/visual for about a year and a half starting in 2001, so you may have seen my name in the credits on some of the programs on Springfield Warner Cable channel 15. In the spring of 2002, I was a part of Springfield AM.

Musical history
I have continued my musical hobby at the University of Akron, where I was briefly in the marching band (fall of 2002), and was in the university band while at Akron.

Fall 1998- Spring 2002Springfield marching band/ pep band (section leader 2000-02)
Fall 1998-Spring 1999Springfield concert band
Fall 1999-Spring 2002Springfield wind ensemble
Fall 2002University of Akron marching band
Fall 2002-Spring 2009University of Akron university band


Politically speaking, I am an independent. I oppose the idea of party politics. One of my favorite speeches is that of Joe Lieberman at the 2008 Republican National Convention. (link) If you're a die-hard Democrat that hates Lieberman simply for making this speech (a.k.a. you've referred to him as a traitor), well, you've just proved my point.

My positions
Affirmative actionOpposed: it says that people of a different race are inherently different. They aren't.
Budget & EconomyLow taxes, defecits are okay in a poor economy (typical republican-style). In addition, large corporations often stiffle smaller businesses and some, including Microsoft and WalMart, should be split.
Civil rightsAlways very open. Flag burning and dsnouncing the U.S., while wrong in many ways, are legal and protected. Banning these acts would go against the intention of the country.
Crime & PunishmentIn cases of addiction, rehabilitation should come first, and if the offender continues, then the law should apply. For example, a good penalty for drunk driving would be rehabilitation for the first offense, coupled with a three-strike policy. I am in favor of legalization of marijuana and am against the war on drugs.
Death penaltyI am opposed to it, not because of the humanitarian aspect, but because it voids the accused's right to appeal.
EducationEducation is of the utmost importance. It was what allows someone to rise from poverty. Education must receive a high level of funding, and supercedes welfare programs. Often, education is the cure for unemployment.
Energy/OilEthanol is a great solution, as it combines a decrease in oil consumption with a replacement of farm subsidies. While strict mileage standards would lower the cost of oil, I am against the idea, as people should be free to choose their own vehicles.
Foreign policyThe United States has a responsibility to help struggling nations. This includes removing brutal dictators. The Iraq War was justified, and in large part, sucessful. We must also contribute foreign aid to help developing countries develop- mostly in technology.
Gay marriageI would like to see it totally legal. Marriage is a government contract separate from religion, as defined by the separation of church and state. It should apply to any two people. Since many areas don't agree, it would be best to leave it to each state, and I will continue to push for Ohio to end its policy of discrimination.
Gun controlI'm against it. As per the fourth amendment, citizens may own firearms with out restriction. The previous assault-weapon ban was pointless as it was based on cosmetic aspects; additionally, assault weapons aren't used in most robberies, handguns are. I like Ohio's conceal-carry licensing policy and would like to see it national.
Health careIt should be provided to a limited extend to those who can't afford it. This is already the national policy, through Medicaid.
ImmigrationIt is a great idea, as long as the subject undergoes security clearence. Illegal immigration needs to be dealt with, via a better barrier along the Mexican border.
International TradeIt can not be totally free, as we in the U.S. can't compete with lower minimum wages in other countries. Sometimes tarrifs are necessary when the importing nation has much lower working standards.
Minimum wageThere is a natural equilibrium of wages. The minimum wage should only be put above that if it is very low. In Ohio, it is about $6.00 per hour. The new minimum wage of $6.85 is a detriment and will hurt small businesses.
Moral valuesMorals are in the eye of the beholder. The government should never legislate morality.
Social securityIt will continue to get worse. Don't prop up an already failing system, replace it. I am in favor of privatization.
WelfareIt should be limited. In most cases, a better education would solve the poverty problem.

I summary, I'm in favor of the Iraq war, the war on terrorism, supply-side economics, and limited government involvement, and I'm against restricting rights to homosexuals, banning abortion, and prayer in schools.

I'm also a big opponent of the improper use of eminent domain, and I am a member of the Castle Coalition, a PAC based on limiting the use of eminent domain.

I am a christian, but, as the paragraph above states, I'm not in favor of government involvement. I prefer the phrase, "Live and let live."

My life
I have also written/edited many articles on Wikipedia, an internet encyclopedia.

©2005 Jeremy McCracken