The Jena Six- the area

Note: I gathered this information from the internet and have not field checked it. Please keep this in mind if you plan to use it. Also, if you're from the area and notice a mistake, please let me know.

Most people online know the story of the Jena Six. Often, I'll make pages, blogs, etc. to try to clear up misinformation, but in this case, people have kept up fairly well with this. Therefore, I'm going to make a page to show you just a few of the things about the area.

Jena High School is located at 243 East High School Dr, Jena, LA. The Mapquest link appears to be in the wrong spot- I'm pretty sure the high school is at the corner. Here's an aerial photo:

Now, here's a second version with some stuff labeled:

Here is what is labeled:

Notice that the tree was pretty central to the school. This wasn't a tree that was off to the side- it was right in the middle of the courtyard. It's a shame that such a nice tree was taken down, but seeing what has happened, I'd have taken it down too.

Updated 27 September, 2007