As many know, my favorite band is The Flamingos. Sadly, it looks like there isn't much of a group at the moment. I'd been looking around for information on the group, and received the following message:

Hi! My names is gayle a. James the mamager of the marquees. The information on this site is not quite correct. Please be advised that Larry Jordan, Mike gilbert, James Fasion, and george spann have not been with J.C carey's flamingos since Saturdat Dec. 11, 2005. This was due to a money dispute with J.C.

Even thought their photo is still used they are not singinh with the group. All above members are singing with two groups George spann is an original member of DC's Dynimic Superiors which all memtion sing with. George, Fasion, and jordan a musical director play behind The "Marquees" Which have the original member Reese Palmer and the bariton sound of (earnest (just mike ) gilbert.

I see you have visited our web page thank you much. I'm one of the lead singers for the Marquees I have Marvins note.

The guys also perform under the name of the sounds of harmony, where jordan has written and or given new arrangems to many songs. Keep checking our web site for up coming cd's by both groups.

Just to let you know the guys miss singing with J.C. but canm't come to the table about it.


So that means there is no group at all. That's very sad. J.C. might hire all new people, but I really hope he can come to an understanding with the members that quit. I wonder if that's what happened to Ron Reace (he left about the time Zeke passed away- the first photo I saw that had Zeke missing had Mike Gilbert in his place). That was also sad, as Ron, from what I'd read, made the modern Flamingos arrangements. I'll hope that J.C. can get the group back in one piece very soon.


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